The ALLITO Story

After years in corporate America, I decided to leave it all behind to experience other parts of the world.  During a year and a half, my journey took me TO Central America, TO the Pacific, TO Asia and then TO Africa.  I met so many beautiful smiling faces, happy people despite their few material possessions.  I was captivated by their spirit and also by the beautiful works of art I found along the way, especially the gorgeous textiles.  And I was inspired to create ALLITO.

This company is about sharing a journey and connecting communities around the globe.  Allowing people to experience the joy of handmade products, assist in the preservation of historical craft techniques and giving hope to artists in impoverished communities by giving them the opportunity to earn a fair living.  Our products, old or new, all have a unique history and I am excited for our customers to become part of it.

The goal of ALLITO is not just to work with these international artisans and bolster these communities through commerce, but also to carefully design and curate products with a distinct point of view.  The pillow collection stemmed from an idea to source handwoven textiles from various parts of the world that all work together to create a comprehensive collection.  Fabric samples travelled with me across continents so that custom dyes could be made and complementary yarns chosen and the result is a group of products whose patterns and textures mix effortlessly.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

XO, Allison