Our Weavers

About our Indonesian Weavers:

In the coffee region where our Indonesian weavers live, it was hard for the local women to generate income after all the coffee beans had been harvested.  But that all changed when a weaving workshop was set up.  Now these lovely ladies laugh and chat together as they loom in their open air studio looking out over the Balinese landscape.  The products we carry are hand painted on the weft and then woven into the custom dyed warp.  The work of this group of artisans inspired me to start this business.  I fell in love with their gorgeous textiles and expert craftsmanship and when I learned that I could custom design my own patterns, the birth of ALLITO was sealed!


About our Kenyan Weavers:

Empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS, supporting the elderly with jobs that fit their physical capabilities, flexible working arrangements for women with children... the compassionate approach of the couple who founded the weaving group we work with in Kenya is endless.  Whenever any of their products are purchased it helps them continue providing assistance and jobs in rural Kenya.  I am crazy about their supple chemical-free raw cotton and eco-friendly operations which utilize coconut shells, discarded wood and bone to create buttons and other accessories.


About our Moroccan Weavers:

Uncle, brother, cousin and the whole family come together to construct timeless wool and cotton creations.  While one is spinning, one is crafting pompoms and two are always working away at the loom.  I loved partnering with this family in Morocco because they are determined to make me happy.  "What?  You want the zipper on the back, not the top?"  They don't always understand my choices but that doesn't stop them from creating wonderful pillow covers to my exact specifications.